Friday, August 17, 2007

Cover Flow!

Yup. Figured it out. One of two ways to browse display plots. There is a more useful mode, using an iPhoto-like Browser that also lets you edit the list of plots. The arrow keys also let you move between plots.


escargot said...

Haha, what a total gimmick. I love it!
I just hope it'll still be possible to display multiple plots side-by-side.

Byron said...

Oh, yeah, total gimmick. It's also totally free since it uses the same infrastructure as the browser mode.

But, yes, the other mode is a Browser mode pretty much identical to iPhoto's browser---so zooming, rearranging and so on all come along for the ride.

You can also, of course, use multiple graphics devices as well. This is just a single graphics device that can hold multiple pages of output. Or not as you choose. You can even turn the recording on and off as desired. Delete some plots but not others, delete all plots and so on.

Fear not. :-)

rwinston said...

That is so cool.....where can we try it out?