Monday, September 7, 2009

Aw, nuts.

Upgraded to Snow Leopard and so it is time once again to make some changes to my personal R GUI--if for no other reason than to test cool stuff like Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch. It also looks like there's some interesting developments in Pasteboards and a few other under the hood places.

First off are Blocks. They look like function pointers but they definitely aren't. They're actually Objective-C classes that you can treat like functions. Very Smalltalk, complete with similar tricks to stuff their data onto the stack you explicitly move them to the heap (they're objects so you can copy them).

Unfortunately, they are not interchangeable with C function pointers so you can't just use them as callback functions. A shame really, since right now I have a libffi-based binding between the R callback functions (ReadConsole, WriteConsole, etc) to thunk to Objective-C methods. All hope is not lost, the R binding is not so complicated so writing a Block compatible version shouldn't be too hard.

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