Friday, September 21, 2007

Those of your tracking R-devel may have noticed...

...that there was recently a big change to the way the Quartz device works. Turns out, Simon and I had roughly the same idea about a Quartz 2D implementation of the Quartz device for reasons of speed and the combined result (I ran "patch" on my R-devel tree and then Simon did all of the hard work :-) ) is in there now. This means the RExecServer and other R GUIs can now all use the same drawing backend for a variety of sources. I believe, for people who don't want to use RExecServer, that Simon also put in a CGLayer-based Cocoa target that runs an event loop in much the same way as RExecServer to give you interactive graphics natively in v2.7 (I'm guessing, since the feature freeze has passed). It also means native access to all of the Quartz 2D bitmap generation goodness and a lot more speed for ALL of the graphics device implementations.

Simon also went through and added some other features as well, including support for non-square pixels and some scaling things that I never got working correctly.

So, things have been moving along even though it may appear that I dropped off the face of the planet for a while. I'm going to be updating RExecServer soon, which means a dependence on R-devel, to use the converged device and it's new API (which is also available to any GUI developer).


Ajay Shah said...

I'm on R 2.5.1 on OS X `tiger'. Currently I do:

$ R
> library(CarbonEL)
> quartz()

and from there I'm okay. From what version of R would this be no longer required?

Byron said...

R-devel (aka R-2.7.0) as of right now can launch a quartz device without requiring CarbonEL (indeed, using the CarbonEL package would probably be a Bad Idea).

Most likely the release will be sometime next April. The feature freeze for R-2.6.0 has already happened, making it pretty unlikely that it'll be in 2.6

Rob J Goedman said...

Hi Byron,

You're sure these changes are in 2.7.0 (R-devel) on Simon's site yet? Just trying if with these changes the fullscreen bug is solved (switching a lattice plot between normal size and full screen crashes
R-server - at least the version I'm using - works fine.


Byron said...

Hi Rob,

I'm not sure what's on Simon's site, I'm building directly from the svn repository. There *is* a lattice scaling bug right now that was introduced at some point, but that's not a crashing bug.